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fathers day gift 2023

7 Best Father's Day Gifts That Your Dad Is Surely Gonna Love

 “My father used to say that it is never too late to do anything you wanted to do. And he said, 'You never know what you can accomplish until you try.' ” -Michael Jordan

Showing love and gratitude to your father knows no date. It does not mean that you should not make Father's Day special! Our dads are our pride, as they stick with us through thick and thin. It is high time you show them appreciation with little gifts and efforts.

As Father's Day is approaching, you need to look for the best leather gifts for men that you can surely give to your dad. These gifts will be a reminder of the endearing love of the father-child duo.

We have listed 7 unique leather items you can gift to your dad on Father's day,  wedding anniversary, or any other special occasion.

Leather Wallets

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Wallets are an all-time favorite when looking for men's gifts. Dads of any age will find this gift handy. It's high time you replace their charred purse with an ageless leather wallet. Handmade bi-fold leather wallets are durable and classy, as leather is known for its timeless beauty. Naturally, many leather products are water-resistant. Hence, they will protect cash and ID during sudden showers.

Genuine Leather Belts

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Full-grain buffalo leather belts are every dad's favorite. Usually, fathers are well aware of genuine quality leather. When you bring an adjustable leather belt fit for every look, they will be proud of your efforts for them. Handcrafted leather belts will last for a lifetime, even if your father wears them every day!

Handmade Leather Journals

Shop>> Leather Journals

Your dad might like to maintain his records through the paper-pen method. Whatever be the situation, we have the right suggestion in mind. Gift your father a classy leather notebook to nurture his favorite hobby. At Mahetri, a wide range of vintage brown leather journals is available. These sun-tanned products are an elegant and eco-friendly gift for men.

Leather Briefcases

Shop>> Leather Briefcases

We won't deny the fact that leather is costly. However, it is a one-time investment. Leather briefcases can take shape over time, which protects the necessary items kept inside the bag. Leather briefcases for men let you carry them with a handle or strap it across the shoulder. Help your father carry his things in style with this all-rounder father's day gift.

Leather Toiletry Bags

Shop>> Leather Toiletry Bags

If your father loves traveling, toiletry bags for men will suit them impeccably. These bags help a traveler stay organized with a class effortlessly. The toiletry bags at Mahetri are available in emerald, walnut, lumber brown, and many other shades. Also, these toiletry bags for men are available in a single section, and twin section zips. When your dad has easy access to all grooming products at once, he will surely look dashing.

Butterfly Leather Chairs

Shop>> Leather Butterfly Chairs

Those evenings are lovely when you and your father sit back near the window sipping tea while enjoying the weather. What's a better way to enjoy those sessions than gifting butterfly chairs made with leather? Such furniture is portable. Hence, he can move it anywhere in the house. The gifting of an item of furniture may not have been a popular idea, but doing so is worth the effort. He will appreciate that you took notice of such details when it comes to his comfort.

Leather Duffle Bags

Shop>> Leather Duffle Bags

Duffle bags made with leather are a premium combination of durability and style. For all those weekend trips that your father makes with friends, the leather duffle bag is an ideal choice. Such bags can carry clothing, footwear, beverages, and other eatables, all at once! They look compact but offer enough space for everything that your father might want to take on his next trip.

Father's Day Gifts- FAQs

What should be my budget for the best leather gifts for men?

MaheTri believes in making leather products accessible for all. At Mahetri, quality leather wallets are available at less than ₹1000. So, even if you are on a tight budget, you can easily buy leather wallets for men and other products.

What is the best gift to give a father?

The best gift is not the product you purchased. It is the effort that counts. Take time, and choose among an affordable collection of leather belts for men and wallets. These are all-time necessary items for dads, hence, they will find them quite useful.

Is a wallet a good Father's Day gift?

Definitely! Leather wallets are ageless, classy, and show a sense of care. Hence, if you are looking for a cheap yet useful item for your father, surely go for leather wallets.

How can I surprise my dad?

You can surprise your dad by gifting a leather toiletry bag with all the essentials. He would be happy with your thoughtfulness and efforts. Before that, you can also surprise him with an early morning tea/ coffee and a light-hearted conversation. He will love it!

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