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Best Leather Backpack for Men 2022

The trend for leather backpacks has been increasing in the last few years in every group of people around the world. Being a travel enthusiast, a functional and great looking bag is a must have accessory. Whether you are planning for hiking or a casual outing, a leather backpack for men is perfect. The prime reason of the immense popularity of these backpacks is that leather exudes a unique sense of style, class and sophistication along with being highly functional and practical.

What To Look for In A Leather Backpack For Men?

Before purchasing a leather backpack, one should know a few things about leather grades. There are different qualities of leather such as full-grain leather, top-grain leather, genuine leather, Vegan leather, PU leather. The best quality of leather bags are made from the full grain leather. The price of full grain leather backpacks is on a higher side, but they are worth each penny. These backpacks are highly durable and have the most aesthetic look. These leather backpacks will last a long life and will age beautifully with time.

If you are on a tight budget then you can go for the PU leather, vegan leather bags or genuine leather bags as they are comparatively low priced.

The size and purpose of the backpack also matters. Leather backpacks are heavier in comparison to nylon and PU leather bags. So before choosing a backpack these points need to be considered.

To help you choose the correct leather backpack for yourself, we have mentioned our picks for the best leather backpack for men in 2022.

1. Spencer Hiking Backpack


Spencer Hiking Leather Backapck For Men


    Shop: Spencer Hiking Backpack

    This backpack is an omnipotent outdoor hiking backpack bag that is not only capable of accommodating hiker's essentials but also a traveler's necessities. Its spacious enough in holding literally anything - from essential electronics like cell phones, laptops, tablets, power banks to clothes and shoes for travelers. This is a hiker's favorite backpack as it serves all its purposes.

    Handcrafted from full grain goat leather and finished with brass hardware to give it a retro and vintage look. Being extremely functional and durable, this leather backpack comes on top of our list for best leather backpacks for men.

    2.  MaheTri Portland Backpack


    MaheTri Portland Leather Backpack For Men


      Shop: MaheTri Portland Backpack

      This backpack shows a blend of modern design and a sophisticated look. The backpack has a clean antique brown color which is specially designed for securely holding notes, books, and lightweight gadgets. The backpack is made from full grain buffalo leather and completed with brass hardware. This premium backpack is an ideal choice for the everyday usage, trekking, hiking, and backpacking.

      3. Rugged Buff Chapman

      Rugged Leather Backpack For Men
      Shop: Rugged Buff Chapman

      This compact yet spacious backpack is a must-have for your everyday essentials. The bag can be your everyday partner for college, school, office, or small outings. The backpack is handcrafted from full-grain buffalo leather which is one of the highest quality leather available which makes this bag a premium and smart choice.

      The leather texture is vintage in look and soft to feel. The Rugged Chapman has a sleek and minimal design. The backpack is super spacious with a central compartment and 3 exterior pockets to carry everything you need.4.

      4. Pre-Historic Convertible Backpack


      Convertible Leather Backpack For Men


      Shop: Pre-Historic Convertible Backpack

      The classic convertible bag that can be carried as a briefcase and also as a backpack is a great choice for carrying your laptop, tablets, Mac Books, or iPad along with your daily essentials in a comfortable and stylish way.

      Unlike some of the other minimalist backpacks, this convertible bag comes with a dual usage. The same bag can be used as a briefcase bag for your office and also as a backpack for trekking. The convertible bag is a versatile and highly functional bag.

      5. Cider Jumbo Backpack

      Cider Jumbo Leather Backpack For Men
      Shop: Cider Jumbo Backpack

      The Cider Jumbo backpack has a very roomy feature to it. The backpack is super spacious and is made from high grade full grain buffalo leather. The backpack comes with multiple pockets and a main zipper compartment which gives easy access to the inside main compartment. The backpack features adjustable shoulder straps to carry it conveniently. With a rugged leather full grain leather look, the Jumbo Backpack is an absolute eye catcher.

      6. Greenfield Premium Leather Backpack


      Greenfield Leather Backpack For Men


      Shop: Greenfield Premium Leather Backpack

      If you are looking for a unique bag that is one of its kinds then the Greenfield Premium Leather Backpack is the perfect choice for you. The backpack features a combination of green and brown leather that gives it an aesthetic look. It comes with a large central compartment with padded laptop sleeve and 3 external pockets making it super spacious.  This backpack can be the main star of the show in any outfit.

      The backpack is handmade from full grain leather and hence it is very durable for backpacking and hiking as well.

      7. Golden Agitator Backpack


      Golden Agitator Leather Backpack For Men


      Shop: Golden Agitator Backpack

      A leather backpack that is of both stylish and practical is here. The Golden Agitator backpack is the best of both worlds. It not only has a rugged vintage look but also provides huge space for carrying your essential. The bag features multiple pockets of different sizes to keep your small things. The backpack comes with a padded laptop sleeve and a central compartment for keeping everything else. These compartments and pockets are secured by YKK zippers and buckles. It is a large bag; however, it is comparatively lightweight. It is perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking however it works for the daily commute as well. This bag would make the perfect backpack for travel.

      8. Doxon Leather Backpack


      Doxon Leather Backpack For Men


      Shop: Doxon Leather Backpack

      A great every day backpack bag, The Doxon Backpack is perfect backpack for men and women on the go. The backpack is made from premium full grain buffalo leather and comes with a main compartment and 3 outer pockets for keeping the small things easily accessible. With full grain rugged look, this backpack is one of the best looking in the list.

      The backpack is highly functional and light weight. The design is minimal and modern, making it suitable for all outfits and occasions. Maybe leave it at home for black tie events. But your casual outfits and work wear attire just found a new best friend.

      9. Hawk Roll-Top Rucksack

      Roll-Top Leather Backpack For Men
      Shop: Hawk Roll-Top Rucksack

      MaheTri's Hawk Roll-Top Backpack is handcrafted from full grain buffalo leather by highly skilled artisans. Carry it anywhere without even thinking of any damage to the bag because it is created with the extra thick leather to survive in extreme conditions as it is primarily made for hiking. And also our creative craftsmanship with minute detailing is sure to steal your heart.

      It can easily fit your clothes, shoes, lunch, headphones, tablet, books, and files altogether in the main compartment. You can use a convenient front pocket to keep your keys, wallet, passport, phone, etc. safe as it has a buckle closure which keeps your things secure. Its roll-top format makes it very appealing to everyone. The clean dark brown color and texture of the leather is soothing to eyes making it ideal for everyday use.

      10. Alpha Caramel Backpack


      Alpha Caramel Leather Backpack For Men


      Shop: Alpha Caramel Backpack

      The best leather backpacks are on the wish lists of many fashion enthusiasts is The Alpha Caramel Backpack by MaheTri. It’s versatile, durable, and casual with lots of useful pockets—checking off every point on our criteria list. This backpack comes in a light caramel brown color and dark brown color.

      A backpack made with highest grade of buffalo leather is well worth the investment. This premium leather backpack will age with patina beautifully, meaning it’ll get cooler looking over time. The bag comes with a central main compartment featured with a laptop sleeve making the bag suitable for carrying your laptop and small accessories conveniently.  

      We hope by now you must have found the ideal backpack as per your requirement. However, you should never make a purchase based on looks alone. You should make a checklist of “must-haves” and try out a few different packs to compare them.

      A leather backpack is a big investment, so think carefully about what you need it to do. Happy Shopping!


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