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5 Must-Have Leather Bags One Should Own

5 Must-Have Leather Bags One Should Own

Leather bags are certainly one of the most treasured accessories in a bag lover's wardrobe. Lavish leather bags not only look posh and extravagant but also have several functional aspects. Choosing a leather handbag over other bags can be considered a good investment on various grounds. Leather is unquestionably sustainable, always trending, and quite versatile. Maintaining a high-quality leather bag is certainly hassle-free and less time-consuming.

Other than being functional, stylish, and professional, there are several key aspects one should consider while purchasing a leather bag. Firstly, it should be handy and easy to carry to whichever occasion it is being carried to. Also, along with the silhouette, size matters too. Just look for the bag with the right amount of compartments and storage. Lastly, pick up the correct shade of leather to suit your outfits while stepping out.

If you are a novice and are in a dilemma about choosing the perfect leather bag for you, then here’s the catch! A list of five indispensable leather bags has been listed, which will suit almost all your outfits, occasions, and purposes.

Leather Messenger Bag:

The magnificent messenger bags are rectangular in shape and are mostly ideal for the professional world. It ensures comfort for bulky items while allowing easy access to the contents. Messenger bags typically incorporate features that make them suitable for laptops, documents, diaries, or other necessities in a segregated manner. Carry them as a briefcase or style them in a sophisticated manner as a shoulder bag. It is casually carried as a cross-body bag too.

1.  Roosevelt Office Messenger Bag

Shop>> Roosevelt Office Messenger Bag

The man who follows the old-school style would never face formal or informal rejection. This Roosevelt buffalo leather satchel bag is designed to keep in mind a pure handmade and vintage look with excellent modern craftsmanship. This leather bag is wrapped perfectly in canvas and well stitched with hard nylon thread.

2. Retro Black Messenger

Shop>> Retro Black Messenger

This messenger bag with a multipurpose central compartment is the ideal leather bag for your quick weekend or business tours. It can hold your laptop, tablets, Macbooks, or iPads. The adjustable strap allows it to be put across the body diagonally for a carefree look or carried as a shoulder bag for a classic appeal.

Checkout full collection of leather messenger bags for more options.

Leather Purse Satchel: 

A purse satchel ranks as one of the most sought-after bags among women. They love to carry their world in their bags, so it’s an indispensable one. A leather purse satchel comes with multiple pockets to hold your little necessities securely and is extremely in vogue due to its classy appearance. Sport it as an accessory with any of your outfits, whether it’s an ethnic or western outfit.

1. Florence Leather Satchel

Shop>> Florence Leather Satchel

It’s the perfect sized leather bag for those important essentials—phone, purse, and makeup will all fit nicely without having to carry a cumbersome, heavy bag. It looks great just slung over your shoulder. A female cross-body bag with a long shoulder belt for an uber-chic and trendy appearance

2. Sierra Leather Satchel

Shop>> Sierra Leather Satchel

This exquisite cross-body satchel is the perfect accessory to accentuate your regular look. Carry it to your workplace or simply complete your brunch look with this lavish leather purse. It is worn diagonally across the body for a carefree look or carried as a shoulder bag for a more sophisticated look.

Checkout full collection of leather satchel bags for more options. 

Leather Backpack:

A leather backpack, also known by the name "rucksack," is a magnanimous and sturdy bag that will incorporate all your important items. It’s not only perfect for travellers or hikers, but for regular college or office goers as well. It will complement any professional look due to its classic appeal. It even comes with cushioned compartments to safely keep your electronic gadgets, especially your laptop. Thus, ace your western outfit and formal look with these brilliant leather backpacks listed below.

1. MaheTri Portland Backpack

Shop>> MaheTri Portland Backpack

Leather backpacks are the bags that you would like to carry for trekking and college purposes. MaheTri backpacks for men and women give you that modern school style in the finest, which marks you first through thick and thin. The leather backpack lover never misses out on men's leather backpacks, which are made with excellent finishing, modern craftsmanship, and high-quality leather.

2. Spencer Hiking Backpack 


Shop>> Spencer Hiking Leather Backpack 

The MaheTri presents an omnipotent outdoor hiking bag that is not only capable of accommodating a hiker's essentials but also a traveller's necessary stuff. Its magnanimous size is capable of holding literally anything, from essential electronics like cellphones, laptops, tablets, and power banks to clothes and shoes for travellers. This is a hiker's favourite leather backpack, as it serves all its purposes.

Checkout full collection of leather backpack for more options.

Leather Laptop Bags:

Are you always concerned about the safety of your laptop or tablet while travelling? Then here’s the ultimate solution: A laptop sleeve comes in various silhouettes and sizes to complement your device. A leather laptop sleeve is low-maintenance as well as appealing due to its texture. If you are not comfortable carrying your heavy backpack everywhere, then just shop for a sleek sleeve for your laptop.

1. MaheTri Jefferson Briefcase

Shop>> MaheTri Jefferson Briefcase

Whenever the word "packing" comes to mind, the main task is to find a perfectly suitable leather bag or office bag for keeping your essentials in a place so that you can find them on time and also gives you a majestic look.

2. Karino Leather Briefcase

Shop>> Karino Leather Briefcase

That call can be exciting, but unpacking can be depressing. For this situation where we need smart packing, our MaheTri Leather Attache offers you a complete, systematic layout with the cardinal virtue of a premium leather bag. Of course, it is made up of luxurious tanned leather, which provides a pure classic—vintage style, handmade, and craftsmanship.

Checkout full collection of laptop bags for more options.

Leather Duffel Bags:

The most spacious and roomy bag for any traveller Gone are those days when people used to tag along their heavy suitcases everywhere. Duffle bags are in vogue now. Not only for tourists, it has sufficient space to hold your gym accessories as well as sports gear. Wondering if such a huge leather bag would be hard to manage? Shrug off your worries, as an authentic leather bag requires the least amount of care and maintenance. Just wipe it off with a cloth if it’s dirty, and voila! You have a fresh piece again. Just as new as when you bought it.

1. Traveler Weekender Duffle Bag

Shop>> Traveler Weekender Duffle Bag

This is the perfect solution for all your needs. This leather duffle bag has four big pockets on the exterior with two buckles. This leather duffle bag is made of genuine goat leather, which gives it a rustic look that is perfect for everyone who is looking for something heavy-duty but with good looks.

2. Textured Carter Duffel

Shop>> Textured Carter Duffel

A full grain buffalo leather travel duffel bag that is trendy, unique, and classy is the perfect match for your adventurous trips. For those who like to try something different than the usual browns, we introduce the designer blue buffalo leather duffel bag with brown detailing. The contrasting colours give it an eye-catching look, making it a unique piece of art.

Check out our full collection of leather duffle bags for more options.

Thus, concluding, stop worrying and start purchasing. I wish you a happy shopping experience.

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