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Leather Clothing 101: How To Take Care Of Leather Jackets?

Leather Clothing 101: How To Take Care Of Leather Jackets?

Believe it or not, leather jackets won't go out of style. Men's leather jackets are one of the coolest wardrobe additions. Not only that, but it also keeps you super warm during the winter.

However, with due care and maintenance, one can extend the life of all types of leather jackets. So, we present a compilation of doubts people face while buying a leather jacket.

How To Clean A Leather Jacket?

You can use a dedicated leather cleaner. Otherwise, go for a soap and water solution.

  • Special leather cleaners are available as sprays, gels, or even bars. Whichever you use, apply only a small amount of the cleaner. With a towel, massage it on the leather surface.
  • If needed, again take a little quantity of the same cleaner. Gently apply it to the whole surface. Usually, one leather cleaner can serve you for years.
  • However, if using the soap solution, keep it as diluted as possible. With this, one can avoid cracking the material when it dries. Use this soap solution gently across the material after wringing out excess water. Keep the towel or sponge damp and not soaking wet for cleaning across the leather surface.
  • Use a gentle circular motion to clean it. Once done, use a clean water towel to clear out the soap and pat away excess water. Finally, let it dry naturally without any direct exposure to heat.

    How do I keep my leather jacket from cracking?

    Leather cracking, as the name suggests, means that the leather material has cracks. Even the best leather jackets and bags are susceptible to such a phenomenon. Leather cracking happens for the following reasons:

    Excessive Dryness: The leather jackets have oils, skins, dyes, and many other components. When you immerse them in water or wash them carelessly, they will shrink, wrinkle, and develop cracks. If you wash them the usual way, they will strip out their natural oils and moisture.

    Storage with Safety: If you store something and forget it later, it can hurt the fabric. Leather jacket brands in India, like MaheTri, suggest their clients not store the jacket folded for a long time. To avoid cracking, hang your leather jacket on a padded hanger that stays in a ventilated spot. When keeping it with other clothing items, give it some space and avoid sunlight.

    Avoid the heat: When kept under extreme heat conditions, leather will dry out. It will leave cracks and brittle material. Hence, one should never steam or iron their leather jackets. Also, do not keep it near any heat ventilation points or radiators.

    Tips to Prolong the Life of a Leather Jacket

    It doesn't matter if people buy biker leather jackets or plain brown ones; they usually skip the caring part. It results in the colour of the fabric fading away and the material getting brittle with time. So, here are certain things that you should do occasionally to keep its quality in check:

    Look for leather professionals. When you buy leather jackets, make sure you know a professional leather repairer. Getting it repaired won't cost much and will keep your leather looking new.

    Treat stains ASAP

    You may dirty your biker leather jacket while riding in the sun or get something spilled on it accidentally. Whatever the case, treating these stains and dirt has to be done as soon as possible. Waiting for laundry day may give the blot time to settle. Hence, it will become stubborn with time. Usually, one can remove minor spots by cleaning them with a damp washcloth. However, if you have a leather care guide provided by the product's company, follow their recommendations.


    Leather conditioning goes a long way towards prolonging the life of the jacket. Leather products need moisture because they have thousands of tiny pores that release and absorb it. By conditioning them, one is providing them with the moisture they release when exposed to heat and dryness. Without conditioning, even the best leather jacket may become brittle and develop cracks.

    Storing as per the weather

    One must never store a leather jacket in a humid place. Areas like the attic and basement usually have high humidity. Here, excess moisture may develop mould in the leather jacket as the excess moisture is absorbed by the leather. For long-term storage, keep the leather in a place where the humidity is neither too high nor too low.

    Don't use thin hangers

    Whenever I shop for shoes and purses, they come with stuffed papers. The manufacturers do this so that their product keeps its shape and stays safe until it reaches the customer. However, it isn't possible to stuff the jacket every time we are not wearing it. Hence, we suggest you use a padded clothes hanger that supports and keeps the jacket in shape. Padded clothes hangers are a long-term investment.

    Using a UV Protectant

    UV protectants are meant to secure the product from harmful UV rays. Just as we use sunscreens to protect us, the same goes for leather as well. If exposed to harsh UV rays, it might damage or crack the precious leather. Get yourself a reliable UV-ray protector for leather products.

    Wrapping Up!

    We tried answering the most frequently asked questions on Google about how to take care of a leather jacket. Keeping up with these habits and tactics will increase longevity. You will save money on leather products, not just the jacket. Show us some love and check out some trendy leather jackets available only at MaheTri.

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