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Handmade Leather Bags v/s Machine-Made Leather Bags: Unveiling the Artistry

Handmade Leather Bags v/s Machine-Made Leather Bags: Unveiling the Artistry

Something about handcrafted leather bags appeals to us more than produced or machine-made bags, either because they involve much more effort or because they are distinctive or rare. Handcrafted leather bags give a much-needed human touch that is otherwise lost in mass production in factories. In this blog, we will discuss the basics of competitive craftsmanship in making leather bags and also the difference between handmade leather and machine-made leather bags.

Why is handcrafted leather superior in quality?


One of the numerous reasons for the higher quality of handcrafted products is the artisans, who have worked for centuries to produce items that are unique and exquisite. Handcrafted bags receive meticulous attention to detail throughout the entire production process. Skilled artisans use traditional techniques and tools to cut, stitch, and assemble each bag, resulting in precise craftsmanship.



Handmade leather bags are more durable when they are made with care and precision. They are also more durable than machine-made leather bags owing to the stronger stitching from human hands. Artisans often reinforce stress points in handcrafted bags, such as handles, straps, and corners, to prevent them from wearing out or tearing easily. They may use additional layers of leather or reinforced stitching techniques to enhance the bag's durability. Handcrafted bags are often designed with repairability in mind. If any part of the bag gets damaged over time, it can be taken back to the artisan for repair or refurbishment. This prolongs the bag's lifespan and ensures that it remains functional and durable for an extended period.



Unlike machine-made bags, the creativity and distinctiveness of such products are solely reliant on the human component, making them feel more premium. Handcrafted leather bags often offer greater customization options. Artisans can work closely with customers to create personalised designs, including specific features, sizes, or details that suit their preferences.


Time and effort

The effort and time put into creating such objects are what make them precious, as they can last for decades when properly cared for. Handcrafted leather bags often possess a unique charm and character. Each piece is made by hand, allowing for slight variations and imperfections that add to its beauty. This individuality sets them apart from machine-made bags, which tend to have a more uniform appearance.



Handmade leather also has better waterproofing abilities because it is made from full-grain leather, which has better water-resistance capabilities than real skin. Artisans handpick the best hides, ensuring that the leather used in the bag is thick, supple, and capable of withstanding wear and tear.


Environment Friendly

Handmade leather bags are incredibly environmentally friendly. Most handcrafted leather products do not require the use of a factory or large production facility. Rather, practically all are made in small craft studios and workshops, as well as in people's homes.


Aids the local economy and heritage

When you purchase handcrafted items, you are assisting the local economy, community, and a real person. Rather than going to giant corporate brands where the maker or designer receives a percentage of the sale price, your money goes directly to the craftspeople who created the outstanding product. Handcrafted leather bags contribute to preserving traditional craftsmanship techniques and heritage. Many artisans pass down their skills and knowledge through generations, keeping alive cultural traditions and craftsmanship that might otherwise fade away.


Aids craft and tradition

Yes, by allowing craftspeople to perform, showcase, and carry on traditions, you promote learning, creation, and history. We live in a society that appreciates art and creativity, and by purchasing handmade, you help to ensure the continuance of the arts for future generations and keep the arts and crafts alive.

We cannot ignore the impact of machine-made leather bags on the success of the leather industry as well.

The positive side of machine made leather bags:

Automated machines may do jobs more precisely and consistently, resulting in higher-quality products with fewer flaws. Furthermore, automation can streamline the manufacturing process, lowering the time and manpower necessary to accomplish jobs and assisting businesses in producing items faster and at a reduced cost. Machine manufacturing often incorporates advanced technologies and innovations. This can lead to improved functionalities, such as automated closures, adjustable straps, or innovative design features that may not be achievable through traditional handcrafting techniques. Machine manufacturing ensures a high level of consistency and uniformity in the finished products. Each item will have the same design, size, and quality, which can be desirable for customers seeking a standardised and predictable product.

You can base your decision on these factors. But we do not completely deny the fact that some handmade goods can have some minor imperfections, but this is due to the human factor involved, so be assured that even when your product has some imperfections, it is a high-quality handmade leather product. So, now you know what the difference is between handmade and machine made leather bags.


Looking for high-quality leather products?

MaheTri, the brand, mainly focuses on delivering handcrafted leather goods and leather accessories with modern craftsmanship and fine stitching with hard nylon thread by skilled workers who have undertaken their family business of leather for years. So that was all about handmade vs. machine made leather bags. You can explore more products on our website and choose among the best handmade leather bags, specially designed by expert craftsmen in India.


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