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Leather Tote Bags

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A leather tote bag is the most important accessory for women as it can hold so many things such as a wallet, accessories, makeup kit, mobile phone, journals, and whatnot. When a woman goes out, a leather tote bag helps them to carry all these things effortlessly. A tote bag is a perfect fit for women as they look great as well as are very spacious. Our shoulder bags are designed from high-quality buffalo leather which is the most premium quality leather available in the market. Our leather totes are also environmentally friendly as they are tanned in a natural process instead of with chemicals. 

How To Pick The Best Leather Tote Bag?

Choosing the right tote bag can be difficult at times, as there are abundant options available in the market. So, we have listed some tips below to help you opt for a perfect tote bag with zip for yourself.

First, you need to choose a bag depending on the occasion. For formal events such as dinner dates or business meetings, you should go for a slightly textured bag which can also be used as a handbag like our Kim Tote Bag (Brown), and for casual events such as shopping or casual outings, you should opt for solid colored shopping bag with some external pocket such as our Terry Tote Handbag

If you are buying a tote bag for long-term use, then opt for a high-quality leather bag as leather is very durable. A genuine leather bag will last for at least 5 decades with proper care. 

For regular use, opt for a brown or black tote bag for versatility, and for some special events opt for vibrant colors such as green or blue tote with some detailing just like our Kim Tote Bag (Blue).

Choose a bag according to your body size and shape. A large tote bag for women can make you look short and will be more suitable for you if you are of tall height, but if you have an average or small height, then you should go for sling bags or a medium-sized shoulder bag.

Comfort is a must when it comes to leather tote bags for women. Avoid bags with discomfiting straps that can dig into your skin, leaving you annoyed. Instead, you should opt for shoulder bags that can sit politely on your shoulder or arms just like our ladies shoulder bags.

Why Do Ladies Carry Tote Bags?

Tote bags for women are a fashion accessory with a lot of functionality. Ladies buy them to carry their personal belongings with comfort. MaheTri’s leather shoulder bags help women to express their fashion sense and their personality.

A good tote bag elevates one’s regular outfit and boosts one's fashion quotient as well as also aid in carrying their belongings with style. MaheTri brings you the best leather office bags for women which perfectly blend the quality, style, and fashion.

Best-Selling Leather Tote Bags On MaheTri

These are our best selling tote bags for women:

  1. Shannon Leather Tote: This voguish leather tote bag has countless practical uses while functioning as a fashion accessory. Its impressive features and eye-catching design will steal everyone’s heart. Carry it to college or as a work bag to your office and ace up your style.
  2. Terry Tote Handbag: This women's leather tote bag has been produced without the use of any chemicals and tanned using natural sunlight and vegetable oil. Our leather bags mature incredibly with age, developing a nice vintage look.
  3. The Kim Tote Bag: This Kim Tote is a classic modern tote bag for work that would be a great choice for a smart look. The classic design in emerald green color makes it very prominent. Designed with excellent craftsmanship to ensure the uniqueness and exclusivity of our products. 

Leather Tote Bags- FAQs

Q1. How should I correctly store my leather tote bag for the long term?

Ans. You can load your leather tote bag with bubble wrap or with plastic bags to help it keep its shape. After that, wrap your work bag into a dust cover or a plastic bag to keep it safe from dust and other damage. And remember not to use newspaper because its ink can rub off onto the fabrics. 

Q2. What should I look for in a leather tote bag?

Ans. The best quality leather tote bag looks sleek, impressive, and professional. You should only buy a women's office bag that is produced from full-grain leather because full-grain leather is the best quality leather available in the market. 

Q3. Does rain ruin leather tote bags?

Ans. Leather and water are not good companions, so they don’t go well together. Not just in rain, if exposed to water from any source for a long time, it can damage the softness of leather shoulder bags. If left untreated after water exposure, leather will turn flaky and cracks might also appear. Even fungus can grow if leather ladies purse are not taken care of properly.

Q4. How long does tote bags for women last?

Ans. Leather can be a very long-lasting material if you take care of it properly. It can last for more than 5 decades before it naturally gets deteriorate. Even if you are using it a little bit roughly then also it can last for more than 30 years.

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If you have any other queries you can contact us and our customer service team will assist you.